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Handmade Strip Lashes


Handmade Strip Lashes by t! 

I offer a customized set of your own set of strip lashes! You can use up to 30 times depending on your care so if I use a D curl sizes 8-13mm cat eye as your usual set I can make you that exact set. If you want a mega volume set in size 15-16mm c curl. I can customize it for you!! 


A full customized set for you is the same price as I charge for a fill. For example. Volume set will be $85 and a Mega set will be $105. You can use them with care for several weeks. Maybe it’s a great idea when you are having a break or you just want to keep wearing them.  You apply these strip lashes under your natural lash and honestly, it’s so much easier to apply and fits absolutely perfect! However, they definitely can be applied above the natural lash. Just like a fresh set of eyelash extensions. 

Choose your style and I will have ready in a few days at Johnson St location. Contactless of course. We also ship out internationally!


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Xo Tonya.

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