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Training Academy

Hybrid and Volume Lash Artist Training Course

Group training with Kit    $999 + tax

Individual training w Kit  $1299 + tax

Course Outline
  • Requirements of the course: Proof of training in individual semi-permanent lash extensions – Must Supply a copy of your certificate.

  • To all Fellow Lash Artists.  I am so super excited to introduce a "HYBRID AND VOLUME LASH ARTIST CLASS" As a Certified Master Educator Lash Artist, I have trained many ladies. I also have spoken and lashed many Certified Lash Artists who have had moments in lashing where they either self-teach, YouTube help or want someone to talk to. Maybe you have additional questions or previously took a course that the information was outdated? Perhaps you're looking to extend your knowledge and want to learn layering techniques or strip lash mapping. This Group course will not only provide you with all that information, but it will also give you a chance to meet other fellow artists feeling the same as you. We will discuss product selection, adhesive concerns, retention issues, managing client expectations, pricing, client retention and much more. I will introduce you to Volume & Hybrid Basics, fanning methods, textures and layering techniques. The course also includes Marketing online & social media, business out of house vs. location, costs vs. profits, branding your business, and raising prices. It's like one GIGANTIC package in one! This course will be offered to all my current students, plus any certified classic artists trained at another location. You may want to keep educating like me. Let me be your Mentor too. The course is a significant first step before Russian Volume training. This course will be a 2-day course.

  • Ongoing support after your training.  I do not train then leave you, I continue to mentor you through your lash journey.

Eyelash Extension Training
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