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Why is it important to choose the right Lash Educator??

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Since COVID there have been many changes to our lash industry for the good & the bad. I personally am not a believer in online training courses. I know the success of my students over 4 years based on hands-on training, questions, teachings and mentoring after the class. I did not have a mentor years ago when I began and “refer to your manual” is not a mentor. I have been training for over 4 years and now full time. Hundreds of students over my years. As well as I am a full-time Lash Artist. Students while attending a class with me at MML work with my Lash team at MML and see what truly is ahead of them being a Lash Artist. Since I have been educating every day I know what students need to know to become successful. Teaching basic skills so when they go home they will remember their skills. You do not need a 100-page booklet to skip through during a class. You need clear skills that you practice day today. These pictures I have attached are just a few that began lashing since COVID (June) Clean isolation, beautiful lashes & now successful Lash Artists!! Any student that has been trained by me at MML are forever my students, friends and ones I will always cheer on!!! Love you so much 🥰


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