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Meet our New Senior Lash Artist

Welcome to the MML Team!!! We are excited to introduce Makayla to our MML on Johnson clients as a Senior Lash Artist. Makayla brings experience as a Senior Artist, and her favourite types of lash sets to create are Volume and Mega Volume. Her positive energy, warmth, and professionalism are why we know she will be the perfect fit for MML. Makayla is available to book online now at Follow her on Instagram @ilashyoubeautybar. We can’t wait for you all to meet her!!

Below is Makayla's Bio.......

Hi! My name is Makayla. 

Becoming a lash artist was a long-awaited dream I finally achieved in 2021 when I took Tonya’s course at My Mink Lashes! I have been lashing up a storm for the past three years, and I truly never thought I could love to do something as much as I love being in this industry. The ability to be creative and connect with so many different people along the way is such a massive blessing.

I am SO happy to be working alongside Tonya and the entire crew at MML!!! The opportunity to learn and become a better lash artist next to these amazing people gives me a huge sense of excitement and endless motivation to pursue my career.

My absolute favourite types of lash sets to create would have to be volume & mega volume. The more drama, the better!!! The reaction you see when your client gets to see their lashes for the first time is what keeps me doing what I love to do. Being able to help create that extra boost of confidence for anyone is simply the best feeling in the world. Ending my day knowing that I made anyone feel even an extra ounce more beautiful just by enhancing the beauty they already have makes me feel like I have most certainly won at all things life! 

If you want to see some of my content and work, please check out my Instagram @ilashyoubeautybar.


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