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Since COVID-19 there have been many changes to our lash industry for the good and the bad.

I personally am not a believer in online training courses. I know the success of my students over 5 plus years based on hands-on training, questions, teachings and mentoring after the class. I did not have a mentor years ago when I began and “refer to your manual” is not a mentor. I have been training for over 5 years now full time and have trained hundreds of students over those years. As well as I am a 9 time certified full-time Lash Artist.

Students while attending a class with me at MML work with my Lash team at MML and see what truly is ahead of them being a Lash Artist. Since I have been educating every day I know what students need to know to become successful. Teaching basic skills so when they go home they will remember their skills. You do not need a 100-page booklet to skip through during a class. You need clear skills that you practice day to day.

Any student that has been trained by me at MML is forever my students, friends and ones I will always cheer on!!!

Reach out if you have more questions or want additional information. You can always check out our website and look under training for more info and take the time to read my bio

Let me be your Mentor!! Ongoing support after your training. I will not train then leave you; I believe your success is our success, and I will always be there to continue to mentor you through your lash journey.

Love you so much


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