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Yes, I customize your own Strip Lashes. Just like at Sephora however I Hand-make them!! Yes, I do ship them across Canada ☺️ Thank you to all my Ontario ladies for your amazing support! I can’t believe I’m actually making strip lashes for my old clients!!! ❤️ soooo, super easy. You can order on my website and choose your shipping from there. After you order I will send you a text so we can chat about what look you want for your hand made strip lashes. They can be mega or a light volume. With all this amazing support I am currently about 3 days to have ready for you. To all my local ladies... you can either DM me and pick up at Johnson St location (contactless) or you can order online at I will contact you for info on set and then you can choose to pick up at Johnson St online. I honestly cannot believe the amount of support from all my clients, friends and new ladies even ordering. We all are in this together and being a small business right now is so incredibly tough. I feel blessed to have found a way to lash every day again. Giving you all some Real Lash Fluff in your life !!!! Miss you all so much and I promise we will see you all at Johnson & Fort before you know it. Stay safe xo T


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